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A PBN site is a collection of blogs controlled by a person or an organization. They are used for private purposes. Private blog networks are what they're called. The private blog network can be hosted on any domain and by any hosting provider. In most cases, the websites look and act like any other website. It is important to note that all editorial decisions are controlled by the PBN owner, so they have the ability to link back their website for better search ranking.

PBNs can boost SEO performance

Private blog networks are very effective at link building and SEO. Private blog networks can be easily proven to work. You can see PBNs on all of the sites that are at the top of the search engine results pages for the most popular niches. If they weren't effective, private blog networks would not be as popular.

Private Blog Networks: Risks and Benefits
What are the possible risks if PBNs violate Google guidelines? These can be broken down into two main scenarios:

1) Your Site Is Penalized/Loses Rankings

If you use manipulative tactics to build links, it may result in your website being penalized or hit by a manual action.
If this happens, you may see your site (or pages) ranked lower in search engine results or completely removed.
Google Search Console will inform you if your website is affected by the report "Manual Actions".

You can recover from manual actions by fixing the problem (removing links or submitting a disavow) and submitting a reconsideration.
Your page's ranking may still not be restored even if your reconsideration request is approved. You can try to improve your ranking by creating helpful and relevant content.

Tip: Disavow only pages that you've been manually notified of "unnatural links". You can also disavow pages if you are aware of unnatural links. Google has guidelines on how to disavow pages. Be careful and follow them.

2) The Links Are Ignored

Google can ignore a link if it deems it unnatural. The link will not have any impact on rankings. Positively or negatively.
John Mueller, Google's John Mueller confirmed previously that Google does not accept links that do not appear to be organic.
Google has a large number of files that have been disavowed. Since many years, search engines have relied on SEOs to help them better understand unnatural link sources.

If you are interested in building a PBN to promote your business, but are afraid of the existing risks, write to us and we help you. We have a lot of experience in building PBN for IT companies and know how to find good drops for successful business promotion.