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Have you ever wondered how to use a phone or computer? When designing an application or website, UI designers are constantly thinking about this question. Modern user interfaces (UI) are the spaces where human-machine interactions occur, such as in apps or websites.

Ui design is the field of design that deals with how we see and interact with an app or a website. It focuses more on aesthetics than UX Design, which focuses primarily the user experience. A look and feeling of an application can come from the colors the user sees, the interactions they have with animations, the buttons that they click, or even the text. UI Designers are responsible for creating these elements.

Why does UI design matter?

User interfaces serve many functions for successful web applications, including handling traffic, attracting users, integrating seamlessly with their needs, helping them understand the website as a whole, and providing other technical features.

To increase customer confidence and attract new clients

Quality user interfaces create a trustworthy environment on your site. A website with a good design, that's easy to use, provides the correct information and doesn't jar, will automatically attract customers.

Competition is fierce, and your competitors will always be trying to make improvements to their user interfaces and designs to appeal to the audience that you're working so hard to please. A good user experience will keep your website ahead of the competition and help you to stand out in front of your audience.

A poorly designed user interface can be frustrating, especially if it's a simple app or site. Now that apps compete for the users' attention, you have a limited time to wow them. Localytics estimates that 71% all app users leave within 90-days.


UI is a key aspect of creating a distinctive digital footprint. Your browser, the program you're using, your operating systems, the sites you visit and the digital products that you use all serve as examples of user interface. Design and user interface make the digital universe easier and friendlier to navigate. This is why large companies put a lot of effort into improving their user interfaces. You can hire a professional UI design to improve your user interface if you have a new website.

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